Mr Hamer claims your tale try related to your from the Mr

Mr Hamer claims your tale try related to your from the Mr

p. 84 dos. Manhood this new Fiddler additionally the Fairy Top-Section.

For the following story I am in financial trouble on my pal, Mr Hamer, just who ideas it in the “Parochial membership away from Llanidloes,” had written regarding the Montgomeryshire Collections, vol. x., pp. 252-3-cuatro. Nicholas Bennett, Glanrafon, Trefeglwys.

That it deserving, immediately following a times fuddle within Darowen, wending their method homeward, had to walk-down ‘Fairy Eco-friendly Way, just over the farmstead out-of Cefn Cloddiau, also to banish fear, he believed was gradually getting the mastery over him, rather than whistling, drew outside of the dress pouch out of his enough time-tailed higher coating their favorite means. After tuning it, feel commenced elbowing their way because of their favorite air, Aden Ddur Fran (this new Crows Black Wing). As he passed over the environmentally friendly sward where the Tylwyth Teg, otherwise Fairies, stored their merry meetings, he heard one thing rattle within his mess, which one thing continued rattling and tinkling until he achieved Llwybr Scriw Riw, his home, almost from his senses on fright as a result of one eternal ‘tink, rink, jink, which was ever before group of in his ears.

With inserted the cottage the guy in the near future heard musical out-of an alternate type, in the harsh crazy sound out of their better half, which justly incensed at his absence, began lecturing him in a design, and therefore, unfortunately, Manhood, of habit, couldn’t completely take pleasure in. (mais…)

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